Xbox Scorpio Boost mode confirmed by Phil Spencer?

A lot of people had assumed that the arrival of the Xbox One Scorpio would mean the end of the Xbox One. Between the cancellation of Scalebound and the unknown release dates of many upcoming exclusives, it isn't surprising that some fans are anxious that 2017 might end up a bit of a dud.

In an exchange on Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer said "never say never" with regards to getting Xbox 360 games running on Windows 10 via emulation.

First source of all is Phil Spencer who recently responded to a user on the Boost mode, present on the PS4 Pro with which you can improve the performance of PS4 games unpatched for the new console.

If you spent a lot of money on Xbox 360 games back in the day, then the Xbox One's backward compatibility feature is great incentive to keep you on the Xbox ecosystem.

But how will existing Xbox One games benefit from Scorpio? I hope E3 this year is not just an Xbox Scorpio blowout, but Microsoft revealing some very ambitious looking Xbox exclusive projects, too.

Do you think it could be in Microsoft's interest to bring backward compatible Xbox 360 games to Windows 10 PCs, or do you think the company should rather focus on making the Xbox One the best gaming console in the market?

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