Who Got Eliminated On The Bachelor 2017 Tonight? Week 7

Who Got Eliminated On The Bachelor 2017 Tonight? Week 7

Who Got Eliminated On The Bachelor 2017 Tonight? Week 7

Find out the Week 7 results on The Bachelor tonight below in our The Bachelor 2017 spoilers! However, Nick did find himself in some hairy situations thanks to a certain contestant! It went great for some of them... but not for Danielle, who he sent home before making it to the next big stage of the show.

So when Corinne paid him a visit late at night in hopes of "igniting" something else in their relationship (you know what she has to say about you-know-what being "platinum" by now), what we ended up seeing was Nick deciding that in the moment, he didn't really want a part in it. Tune into The Bachelor every Monday on ABC! She said she had special feelings for him, but he was not feeling it and he sent her home!

Danielle has been pretty low key all season long, and she has a very heartbreaking backstory - she hasn't been in love since her fiancé died of an overdose.

To me, it feels like this season of The Bachelor just started, like, yesterday, so it's kind of mind-blowing that it's already time for Nick Viall to narrow his pool down to the four women he'll be going on hometown dates with next week. Kristina went on the last group date before hometown dates with Raven and Corinne, and since it was such an important group date, the pressure was on. She seemed to be reserved and they weren't having good conversations.

From there, Nick knew what he wanted to do and skipped the Rose Ceremony. When he talked to Kristina about sending her home, she didn;t take it sitting down and told him that he didn't give her a fair chance.

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