Abby Lee Miller Heading to Mexico After Second Sentencing Moved to May

039;Dance Moms' coach Abby Miller

Dance Moms coach Abby Miller faces fraud charges and could get imprisoned for two and a half years

The show, however, is said to be returning with new episodes for a Season 8, also known as Dance Moms Season 7B.

During "Dance Moms" Season 7 winter finale, Christi told the cameras that their decision to have nothing to do with the show may change if Abby Lee Miller would be gone.

""Dance" Moms" coach Abby Lee Miller has been given several extensions for the promulgation of her sentence.

Abby Lee Miller is reportedly spending her time in London, while waiting for her next hearing. A further hearing for more time is penciled in for May 9 at 10 a.m.

Arguably a cultural icon when it comes to dancing, Abby Lee Miller is still facing her past mistakes.

It's no secret that Chloe Lukasiak and Abby Lee Miller are not BFFs even before the young dancer was a part of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) Junior Elite Competition Team. Verses also shared a photo with Brynn Rumfallo and Nia Sioux, which seemingly hints on their return to the Lifetime reality show. In addition to bankruptcy fraud, Miller was also accused, less than 12 months later, of using her Dance Moms cast of minor dancers to transport Australian currency over the USA border. The judge has already banned another other travel before the sentencing. The papers unveil that she wants to travel Merida, Mexico on March 2, 2017.

Abby Lee Miller teaches choreography during the second season of Dance Moms.

. As of now, she is yet to confirm if she will be back in "Dance Moms" Season 7, together with Abby Lee Miller.

Lifetime has not officially announced the premiere date of Dance Moms Season 7B.

Miller's court issues bring to question her status on "Dance Moms". First, Chloe Lukasiak seems to have returned when she appeared in the finale.

Previous Dance Moms Cast Member Chloe Lukasiak [Image by Chris Pizzello/AP Images]"I came into my mom's room one night, that's kind of what I do every night, and we talk about the day". Since the hearing was moved all the way to May, her Mexico trip becomes permissible. It made me really sad because that was my childhood.

Seeing her friends again, the reunion on "Dance Mom" winter finale was emotional.

Miller is facing fraud charges after failing to declare over $750,000 worth of income from starring on "Dance Moms". Now, even leaving "Dance Moms" on a bad note, the 15-year-old dancer, actress, and model is now ready to compete again.

Would the ratings remain stable without Abby there to cause drama?

Abby Lee Miller was there when Lukasiak arrived and the instructor dramatically walked away so they did not really meet. Wouldn't that be an amusing twist of fate?

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