April The Giraffe Labor Signs And Due Date, Watch Live Cam

NJ Sees 3 Baby Giraffes Born as April's Pregnancy Continues

NJ Sees 3 Baby Giraffes Born as April's Pregnancy Continues

The wait for April the Giraffe to have her baby in NY has everyone, including Jones, very excited.

Animal Adventure Park added: "April was simply "stating" she was done with her exam and reminding everyone this is her space".

It took us a minute, but once we saw it, we can't unsee it! Giraffe mothers' milk contains about 6 percent protein and 13 to 17 percent fat, which enables the calves to grow quickly, according to a study published in June 2004 in the Journal of Mammalogy.

The nationwide "hysteria" over April the giraffe has gripped millions of viewers, who flock to April's live cam every day in hopes of being there the moment she goes into labor. She's now pregnant with her fourth calf and lives adjacent to the calf's father Oliver "Ollie" who is five-years-old.

April had a very active night that did keep us glued to the cam screen!

April changed some of her behaviors overnight Friday; she choose new spots to stand and sleep and strayed off her usual naptime routine, the Animal Adventure Park said. "She settled in around 5:00 and got a few good naps in". Patch says the natural curiosity surrounding giraffes and their birthing process has been a huge factor in drawing crowds.

Giraffe pregnancies last for 15 months.

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