Celebrity Cruise Ship Drifts Too Close To Port Everglades House

Loading Bill Todhunter on his terrace as Celebrity Equinox drops

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10 that he believes the ship was about 100 feet from his home - the closest he's ever seen a vessel during his six years of living outside the port. "Yes, I've seen it come close, but never to where the ship has had to stop, put itself into reverse and back out into the channel", Bill Todhunter said.

The owners of a portside Fort Lauderdale home are used to the view of incoming and outgoing cruise ships through Port Everglades, but they said one of them came too close on Tuesday.

"To say it's in the proper channel is a bogus statement", Todhunter said.

The couple captured the scary moment on their cellphone Friday.

He said he was bringing out the garbage bin in from the street when he looked up and saw the ship close to the home.

"This thing is coming to the house and I was really anxious", she said. The couple posted the encounter on Facebook.

"I said to myself, 'this boat is coming to the house, this boat is coming to the house, '" Yasmine Todhunter told the station.

"As Equinox departed on Friday, March 3, she was in her assigned channel at all times under the guidance of specialized local port pilots", Torres said in a statement. The ship operated safely and did not put guests or crew at risk. "We can also confirm the ship did not touch bottom", it said.

Todhunter doesn't believe the statement. It will never hit the house because of how the channel was built but what if there was another ship coming in? "I was anxious about my husband". The Todhunters had plenty to be concerned about.

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