Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising Will Be Available On April 4

Frank West is a zombie in Dead Rising 4 story DLC

Dead Rising 4 gets new content with Frank Rising DLC

Two substantial DLC packs will be making their way to Dead Rising 4 in the near future, one of which will see Frank West succumb to the zombie horde and become a shambling corpse himself, Capcom has announced. He's "infected and wanders the city beaten, bloody and driven only by a need to feast".

According to a press release, the next downloadable content that will reach Dead Rising 4 is Frank Rising. When a former ally discovers him, he is written off as incurable.

And as Frank recovers, he'll have to race to find a permanent cure, developing new abilities and strength, while having to feast on others to stay alive: consuming food is no longer an option.

While Microsoft is keeping the release date of this extravagantly named DLC under wraps, it's also included in the game's season pass, with a $9.99 standalone version that will be available whenever it launches.

While trying to find a cure for yourself, you'll also have to rescue survivors trapped in Willamette before the government blows the city to smithereens. You'll also be able to gather some power-ups so you can take out some zombies while playing golf.

This is a pitch and putt mini-game on greens in the Willamette Mall and surrounding town. Unlock specialized golf clubs, costumes and balls as Frank West provides play-by-play commentary for swings, birdies, and shots. This will do it in Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, DLC package that will offer multiplayer for 4 players online, or cooperative by turns. Of course, given the subject matter of Capcom's survival title, you can expect to encounter your fair share of flesh-eating nasties as you ideal your game, which can be further bolstered with power-ups, says the post over on the developer's blog.

Dead Rising 4 is available for Xbox One and PC, though the game will likely be coming to PlayStation 4 at some point due to the game being a timed console-exclusive.

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