Deadliest Catch's Sig Hansen accused of molesting daughter

A deputy prosecutor's letter states that'the information at hand suggests that Mr Hansen has acted in a sexually inappropriate manner towards his daughter but the office declined to file criminal charges because they felt it wouldn't be able to prove

Deadliest Catch's Sig Hansen accused of molesting daughter

The estranged daughter of "Deadliest Catch" star Sig Hansen is accusing her father of molesting her as a child, according to court documents obtained by the Seattle Times.

The suit alleges that Lisa Eckstrom and other relatives became aware of abuse in 1990.

According to Melissa Eckstrom's lawyers, an agreement was almost reached previous year in which Hansen would have paid $1.5 million to his estranged daughter.

"This is nothing more than an old-fashioned shakedown", Hansen said in response to the lawsuit.

The star who thrills fans by catching fish on the Discovery channel show gave up parental rights to Eckstrom when he divorced her mom - and also told The Seattle Times that his daughter, was "brainwashed and programmed by her mother and multiple members of her family". "Memories of being in a room alone with my father and crying out in pain".

Her lawsuit, filed a year ago, contains various records used to support her claims including medical findings, a therapist evaluation and caseworker findings from when her parents divorced.

The filing also included a letter from the county deputy prosecutor's office dated from 1990 that stated they could "not prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt".

Furthermore, she claimed that her mother, grandmother, and aunt found signs of abuse on her body after her father started having private visits with her following the divorce.

However, the letter went on to state that it was not because they did not believe the allegations.

Regarding the accusations, Hansen stated: "This is nothing more than an old-fashioned shakedown". It's a completely frivolous lawsuit full of lies that my ex-wife made up to take away my daughter, and still uses to try to extort money from me.

Hansen is now married to June and the couple have two daughters - Nina and Mandy - together.

Sig Hansen's daughter claims that she told counselors during the childhood medical examination that "daddy puts his finger in my potty-pot".

A doctor who examined her said the findings were "rarely seen in children without a history of sexual abuse", as quoted in the court declaration. "The characters were named "'mommy" and "daddy" with a little girl that referenced Eckstrom.

Meanwhile, Hansen said charges that he molested his daughter are absolutely false.

For Hansen's part, he vehemently denies the accusations - firing back that it's Melissa's way of lashing out at him for refusing to pay $300,000 in law school admission costs.

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