Google finally lets you save your parking spot in latest Maps beta

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Google Maps is getting useful parking reminders

Tap on this and Google will save your rough location (you can enter the exact location too), and give you the option to write notes, add photos, or even set a timer. Three months after Apple removed the popular Google Maps from its operating system to replace it with its own mapping software, a Google Maps app has been added to the iTunes store.

Here's how to use the feature: when you park, you'll tap on the blue dot on the map (signifying your personal location).

Google, meanwhile, had already introduced its own proactive parking saving feature via Google Now, but it had worked by tapping into your phone's sensors and making a determination that you had most likely parked at a given spot.

After filling out this info, Google Maps will spawn a notification reminding you that you have a saved parking location.

You already have to keep track of so much during the day, and so your precious brain space ought not be crowded with petty information like where you parked your vehicle. You'll be presented with a new menu offering to "save your parking", which lets you store all the information you need to find your vehicle again.

Google has long offered a parking reminder card in Google Now, but it's always been kind of flaky (and never really belonged there). There's also a timer alert for metered or zoned parking, as well as an ability to share your information, which will send the address, notes, and a link to the location in Maps. This differs from the Apple Maps feature, which does allow users to create parking reminders without having to input a ton of additional information.

For now, this feature is just inside the beta version of Google Maps on Android.

It's only available in beta on Android right now but should soon become available and then expand to iOS devices.

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