Texas Senate Gives OK To Bill Curbing Transgender Bathroom Access

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The Texas Senate Just Advanced A Bill To Limit Transgender People's Access To Bathrooms

The Texas Senate has advanced an anti-transgender bathroom measure.

The Texas state senate took a key vote on Tuesday to advance a bill that would restrict access to restrooms, part of a Republican-led effort to enact the country's most sweeping rules to block transgender people from facilities that match their gender identity.

Attempts to discriminate against transgender people in the community by targeting public restrooms, otherwise known as bathroom bills, have started popping up in the past year.

Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, a Tea Party Christian who is a prominent backer of the Texas bill, has challenged the survey. Dilation and evacuation abortions are most commonly performed in the second trimester of pregnancy, and a subset of that type uses a dismemberment procedure, according to author Sen.

While the House bill would still give eligible pre-K providers a grant to expand its service to more children in low-income families, it would allocate only $3 million more to the $10 million the state now spends on the program.

"I will tell you as a woman, this is not a joke".

Democratic Rep. Harold Dutton, who voted against the bill, said it "gives police unfettered authority to stop people". "It's not ideal. It's not easy when we talk about these issues".

Kolkhorst defended the legislation, saying transgender individuals could change their birth certificates to reflect their gender identity. José Rodríguez, who has questioned whether Republicans believe transgender women are really men. "Or do we internalize something different?"

Matt McTighe, executive director of Freedom for All Americans, said in a statement the legislation will "hurt transgender people - especially transgender kids - all across Texas".

Protesters lined the halls outside the chamber where the vote was held, armed with signs that said "Don't Discriminate".

When the Senate Education and Career Development Committee heard testimony on the bill last week, several people pushed legislators to remove the portion dealing with school vouchers.

JoDee Winterhof, Senior Vice President of Policy and Political Affairs of the Human Rights Campaign, said: "After hearing an outpouring of opposition to this bill during almost 20 hours of citizen testimony last week, it's outrageous that the Texas Senate would advance SB 6 to the House".

Craddick has managed to guide a texting bill through the House every legislative session since 2011. "This measure is another product of Dan Patrick's anti-LGBTQ agenda, and it's troubling that lawmakers in the Senate can not see it for what it truly is: An attack on their transgender neighbors, coworkers and friends who deserve the same dignity and rights as anyone else. We call on the members of the Texas House to now consider the merits of the Texas Privacy Act, which respects private business while making it clear that boys do not belong in the girls' room in our public schools", he said in a statement Tuesday.

As the Super Bowl came to Houston and Texas, so did greater focus on its bathroom bill, promising potential economic repercussions similar to those of North Carolina's HB2. He anxious that it would make Texas less attractive to potential job-seekers coming to the state.

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