Anti-Putin activist Alexei Navalny sprayed green in attack

Opposition figure Navalny attacked with antiseptic dye

Алексей Навальный YouTube

Rusian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny was splashed with green paint by an angry protester.

A video filmed by a Navalny supporter shows the anti-corruption activist walking along a street in Barnaul, more than 3000 kms from Moscow, and shaking hands with residents when a man approaches him and throws the liquid at him.

Navalny is touring Russian Federation ahead of the 2018 presidential election in which he will challenge incumbent Vladimir Putin.

To his relief, he joked, he has been left unharmed but looking like "either Avatar, or the Mask, or Shrek".

"May be they thought in the Kremlin that I wouldn't record videos if I have a green face".

He is widely followed on social media and in 2011 he urged people to vote for anyone but Putin's United Russia, which he called the "party of crooks and thieves", a term that has stuck, much to Putin's chagrin.

The green liquid used in the attack is a common Russian antiseptic, which remains on skin for days but is otherwise harmless. It is non-toxic but is hard to wash off and remains on skin for days. Cool. Even my teeth are green!'

Image Caption: Mr Navalny is now prevented from running for president due to a fraud conviction. He said the man then jumped into a vehicle that drove him to the regional administration headquarters.

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