Experts say massive chicken from viral video is real

Everyone Is Freaking Out About This Very Big Chicken

The Internet is freaking out over this giant chicken

They were produced in the US from hens imported from China in the 1840s. In the clip, the large chicken can be seen emerging from its chicken coop and strutting around its pen, flapping its colossal wings and sauntering around on its massive haunches. It's actually a chicken???

It may take a few seconds to process that this chicken is, in fact, a real creature and not a rejected Sesame Street character.

The report says the chicken in the video is not a fake - it is a breed known as Brahma chicken that was bred in the feed a growing demand for poultry.

Sejfijaj followed his first hit with another Brahma video on Facebook showing a different but equally hulking bird pecking around for a snack.

The original video was posted on a Facebook group which appears to be dedicated to raising exceedingly large chickens.

While the average chicken can weigh anywhere between 1.5 to eight pounds, a male Brahma chicken can weigh up to an astonishing 18 pounds.

Despite the scientific explanation behind the very big bird, Twitter is still having a hard time processing Merakli's existence.

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