Hugs, kisses but no bite for Gestede

Bailly and Gestede clashed at the end of Manchester United's win at Middlesbrough

Bailly and Gestede clashed at the end of Manchester United's win at Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough forward Rudy Gestede insists there was no bite from either him or Manchester United defender Eric Bailly when they clashed during the visitors' 3-1 win at the Riverside on Sunday.

And then further chaos ensued at full-time following the Premier League clash.

As the players made their way down the tunnel, the farcas became full blown.

BT Sport cameras showed pushing and shoving at the start of the tunnel, with Jesse Lingard restraining Ashley Young while Michael Carrick had to lead Eric Bailly away.

The blow-up between Gestede and Bailly occurred in injury-time as the hosts chased a late equaliser with the scores still at 2 - 1 as the striker seemed unhappy at how the defender was marking him at a set-piece.

With United lining up to defend a free-kick, Bailly got too close to Gestede for the striker's liking, and he lashed out at the defender, pushing him away.

The Benin global played down the incident, in which he grabbed Bailly around the neck as his opponent pushed his face into Gestede's shoulder, and insisted there was nothing more malicious from either player.

Both sets of players then clashed as they moved the two away from each other.

Ben Gibson appeared to be most irked, leading the way in angry exchange of words as he defended his Boro team-mate.

"Ben [Gibson, Boro defender] thought he bit me, so that's why he reacted like he did".

"But I don't think there is". I'm guessing something must have happened for Gestede to react in that way.

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