Listen To An AI Rap Based On Kanye West's Lyrics

One week in his high school programming club, Robbie Barrat, a 17-year-old from rural West Virginia, was a part of a debate about the potential of artificial intelligence to outperform humans. While West has always been fodder for comedians to make fun of, and endless memes abound of the great man, one USA teen has found a way to merge both Kanye and technology into something that science fiction writer's have dreamed of for decades; a AI program, taught to rap by West's lyrics. "It now writes word by word as opposed to line by line". The bot can also incorporate pauses for rhythm and effect. That commercial influence presumably reaches to West Virginia, where a high school student like Barrat can use lyrics from those platinum albums to have a neural network-powered bot rap about everything from Anna Nicole Smith to Fish Fillets.

Barrat taught himself how to do this and used open-source code AI to build a digital rapper in only a week. "All of the sudden I had a week to make a neural network that could rap", Barrat said.

Initially, the software simply rearranged 6,000 Kanye rap phrases to create new songs, but now the software has been modified to create original rap lines using the Kanye word bank.

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