Microsoft 'Mac to Surface Assistant' makes it easy to abandon Apple

New 2017 iMac Challenge Microsoft's Surface Studio

This is not the 2017 iMac- it's the Microsoft Surface Studio

While it is suspected that Microsoft will finally release the device within this year, reports claim that it will not be the case.

Microsoft has been distracted lately with the launch of its Surface Studio desktop and of course there is its prized Surface Pro range, with an upgrade expected some time this year.

As spotted by WalkingCat, a Twitter user who picks up on many Microsoft-related developments, the Mac to Surface Assistant hasn't been officially announced by the company, but nonetheless can be downloaded here.

The Redmond, Washington based tech titan is believed to unleash the Surface Phone in 2019, according to Learn Bonds.

Rumors claim that the next Windows Phone is a foldable phone, and not the Surface Phone. Also, recently surfaced reports claimed that the launch date of a Windows foldable Lumia smartphone is probably happening soon. There are reports that Microsoft is making a significant and unexpected design change to the Surface Book 2.

Nevertheless, the Microsoft Surface Phone is expected to be available with a 5.7-inch display and will be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor, WCCF Tech reported.

The USB-C port in the Microsoft Surface Phone will serve as a charging port and as an audio input.

DigiTimes speculates that the price slash and design change are all created to make the Surface Book 2 more competitive against the Microsoft Surface Pro range, after it only shifted an underwhelming 500,000 Surface Books.

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