Report: Meth Driving Crime In South Dakota

New South Dakota Law Clears up All-In Rate Cap Confusion

Drug epidemic doubling down in South Dakota

While there's some good news in the findings, the state's top attorney says South Dakota still has work to do.

Other components of the anti-meth plan include creating an interstate drug trafficking task force, closer coordination of state anti-meth education campaigns and expansion of HOPE 24/7 probation to all South Dakota counties. The increased was marked by the sharp bump in drug arrests, which grew to 7,671 from 6,818 in 2015.

"Those offenses that should concern the public the most, murder the sex abuse type cases, those are down 20 percent", said Jackley.

"Most Attorney Generals would be satisfied with that".

Part of the anti-meth plan is to use more than $600,000 of funding to expand the state's meth treatment services, which Lt. Olson says is crucial.

The most work, Jackley says, needs to be done when it comes to fighting meth.

"If you look at the increase we saw in arrests, it was about 2,000, 853 of those come directly from drugs".

Mitchell police made 1,162 arrests in 2016, including 182 arrests for drug and narcotic violations and another 14 arrests for drug equipment violations, according to the report.

Lt. Olson says, "People who are not treated, especially meth addicts who are not treated, do not get better".

"It drives crime, such as burglary, some of the property crimes".

The drug statistics are bad, but violent crimes were down past year. Since then, he said law enforcement has largely snuffed out meth labs in the state, though drugs continue to pour into South Dakota from the south, and if officers are able to cut off the drug supply, Overweg worries the labs will return.

Since 2007, South Dakota has added 304 law enforcement officers. DUI arrests were up from that time.

Criminal statistics help identify trends in criminal activity that assists in crime prevention and enforcement efforts across South Dakota.

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