Samsung's QLED TV lineup certified as UHD Premium models

Samsung QLED TVs earns ULTRA HD PREMIUM stamp from UHD Alliance

Samsung's QLED TV lineup certified as UHD Premium models

The QLED TV lineup by Samsung Electronics has been certified by the UHD Alliance as Ultra HD Premium models, the South Korean electronics maker announced on Monday.

All 2017 QLED TV models, including the Q9, Q8 and Q7, are certified by the worldwide organization, giving Samsung a boost to its new QLED TV strategy aimed at LG's OLED TV lineup. These specifications enable televisions, content and other external devices, such as UHD Blu-ray players, to fully display content in its richest form, allowing the consumer to experience a more accurate content experience from their living rooms, according to Samsung. Earlier this month, Samsung's QLED TV has received verification from Germany's world-class testing and certification association, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), for its ability to produce 100 percent color volume. This means Samsung's new QLED TVs can express all colors at any level of brightness - with even the subtlest differences visible at the QLED's peak luminance - exceeding UHDA requirements.

The UHD Alliance is made up of some 50 members including major consumer electronics brands, content distributors and Hollywood studios around the globe, which have come together to establish new standards for the UHD ecosystem.

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