Shin Bet Warns of Impending Passover Terrorist Plots

Shin Bet chief Nadav Argaman

Shin Bet chief Nadav Argaman

Noting that 16 civilians and one foreign national were killed a year ago as the result of terror attacks, the Shin Bet chief also spoke of the technological and operational developments he said the Israeli security apparatus has made in light of the continued threat of terrorism.

"I have to say that the quiet we have been experiencing since 2016 - this comparative quiet - is a misleading quiet, it deceives and intoxicates, and this is for one simple reason: The terrorist infrastructures of Hamas and the global jihad are working every day to carry out terror attacks within the State of Israel", Argaman pointed out. Argaman added that the Shin Bet arrested some 400 would-be attackers before they could commit acts of terrorism since October 2015.

He further said that in the face of so-called "lone wolf" terrorists with no explicit ties to a terrorist group, the Shin Bet has developed new technologies and operational techniques.

The Shin Bet announced last week that it had recently uncovered a terrorist cell affiliated with the al-Aqsa brigades, the militant branch of the Fatah organization, which planned to carry out attacks just outside of Jerusalem.

The Hamas affiliated cell was comprised of a number of students from Birzeit University, located near Ramallah, according to the security service.

The head of Israel's Security Agency warned that Palestinian terror groups will escalate attacks ahead of the holiday season.

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