Trump looks forward to visiting China: US state secretary

Trump tweets North Korea has been 'playing' the US and says China 'has done little to help'

Trump, Xi eye Mar-a-Lago summit

To get an update on what was discussed and what it means, we're joined now by NPR's Anthony Kuhn in Beijing.

"We hope the USA fully recognizes the high sensitivity and serious harmfulness of USA arms sales to Taiwan", she told a daily news briefing, adding that the United States should handle the Taiwan issue cautiously.

Since Donald Trump took office, North Korea has launched five missiles between the seas of Japan and the Korean peninsula, which has prompted the US president to accuse Beijing of not doing enough. But he admitted things are getting very risky. Trump told the media yesterday the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was "acting very, very badly"-with the implied threat that the United States would take action, including possible military strikes".

WASHINGTON - Any military option against North Korea, whether big or small, carries a significant risk of leading to full-scale war that could claim millions of lives, The New York Times reported Sunday.

Earlier in Tokyo, Tillerson declared that diplomatic and other efforts over the past 20 years to put an end North Korea's nuclear ambitions have failed. And so there's serious concern as the clock ticks down towards this nuclear breakout scenario.

China, for its part, has reacted to Trump with restraint, as it prepares for a crucial leadership transition this fall.

Trump has accused China of unfair trade practices and currency manipulation, harming the United States economy.

He heads to Beijing next on his trip. Is that what you saw?

Xi would be the second world leader since Trump took office to visit Mar-a-Lago, which Trump has dubbed the "Winter White House". And Xi thanked him and praised him for taking an upbeat view of U.S. The ruling communist party will hold its 19th national congress, which is expected to give Xi Jinping a second five-year term as head of the party, state and military.

To the surprise of many observers, Tillerson referred to a mutual U.S. "China has done little to help!"

GARCIA-NAVARRO: So what was so intriguing about that statement?

This was a near-verbatim repetition of the Chinese government's framework for relations with the U.S. Beijing refers to it as a "New Type of Great Power Relations".

Trump, during his campaign, branded China a currency manipulator, accused it of "raping" the US, and he pledged steep tariffs.

The U.S. embassy notified journalists of Saturday's briefing about four hours before the event.

Tillerson needed to "undo the damage that was done during the campaign and the first days of the administration", said Susan Shirk, chair of the 21st Century China Center at UC San Diego and a former deputy assistant secretary of state under the Clinton administration.

"I'm confident that as long as we can do this the relationship can surely move in the right direction", he said.

Such a trend shows consumers opening their pockets on products they deem valuable despite challenging economic conditions, industry analysts said.

Still, numerous issues Trump will be under pressure to resolve in the trade and investment relationship between the world's two largest economies will likely be papered over or ignored. It's a contradiction we've also seen in his Cabinet picks, which include some people who have been very hawkish with China and some which have very close ties to it. Referring to the Obama administration's policy of step-by-step sanctions, he said: "Let me be very clear". And that worries them because they don't need distractions.

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