'Watch Dogs 2': Second DLC Expansion Announced

UbisoftA screenshot from

UbisoftA screenshot from"Watch Dogs 2

PC and Xbox One players will have to wait until next March 23 to enjoy it.

The meat of this DLC comes from three all new story missions called Bad Medicine, Automata, and Caustic Progress. Manic posts on the official Watch Dogs 2 Tumblr confirmed players' suspicions that a mystery was bubbling.

Human Conditions expands the world of San Francisco.

In Bad Medicine, meanwhile, Marcus partners-up with a hitman against a common enemy that is holding the city's hospitals to ransom. The patch will also be available in Guest Mode, which means that friends who do not have the patch will be able to play the new content if you invite them through the Watch Dogs 2 app.

The final mission Automata involves internet company Nudle releasing highly advanced self-driving cars. Of course, you'll be able to add the self-driving auto to your vehicle list after completing Automata, though it will no longer be self-driving.

The second expansion for Ubisoft's "Watch Dogs 2" is now out, bringing in new missions for players to explore. The T-Bone Content Bundle gave "Watch Dogs 2" players a new Grenadier enemy type, a new Mayhem co-op challenge, T-bone's signature clothes, and a modded school bus vehicle. These enemies' anti-hack devices are capable of disabling your own hacking abilities, meaning you'll have to switch up your strategies from time to time.

The game's second big DLC expansion launches February 21st for PS4.

The DLC will also feature new Elite co-op missions that are geared towards more experienced players. The DLC will be free of charge for those who purchased the season pass, though, a price hasn't been announced yet for those who haven't purchased the season pass.

After last week's Watch Dogs 2 patch, players have unearthed a mystery quest hidden in the game. Will you be downloading it today?

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