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The official name is the Mac to Surface Assistant and upon booting it up, you will be able to select which files you want to transfer, ranging from files on your Mac's desktop to application data, documents, photos, movies and files in your Google Drive folder.

That's something you can do by yourself, of course, but the utility makes it far more convenient to do so (and potentially far less intimidating for computing novices).

It has released a new tool called the Mac to Surface Assistant, which is created to help you transfer your important information across from an Apple machine to a Microsoft equivalent. It then lets you set a destination disk for the files, and the tool will then automatically save a ZIP file in that location containing all the things you selected. Of course, Microsoft knows that not everyone stores files on the external drive.

Releasing a migration tool isn't really that groundbreaking. For those stored in the cloud, the company recommends simply accessing them via the cloud apps and services that are readily available to the Surface devices. The tool is aptly called Mac to Surface Assistant, highlighting Microsoft's own Surface computer brand. Users will still be required to have an external hard drive if they want to make the move, especially if they have bigger files, but the app is created to help make the process more streamlined. The tool can scan the Mac device and will provide a simple checklist for transferring the data and settings.

The company didn't formally announce it, but Microsoft watchers and Windows sites have nonetheless discovered it.

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