At Easter, Trump has yet to find a church home in DC

A smattering of payments went to Trump-owned properties, including Trump International Hotel, his 263-room hotel a short walk from the White House.

This revolving door of lobbyists and government officials is not new in Washington.

As reported by the New York Times, Trump has been going all-out to weaken ethics rules within the USA government, as former lobbyists now working within his administration seek to modify the laws they sought only recently to change.

The legacy of Mr. Barack Obama forming, what he called the "most transparent administration in history", is taking a U turn in light of the shady Trump agency that uses security concerns as a way to hide most records from the public. Tom Udall released the following statement Friday on the Trump administration's decision that it will not release White House visitor logs, breaking with the pro-transparency precedent set by the Obama administration.

Ms. Trump responded to that declaration in a statement regarding her appointment as a White House employee. The White House says the records are exempt from the law. The two officials actively fought some of the Obama administration's signature achievements including a policy that requires financial advisers to serve the best interests of their clients when providing advice on retirement.

Administration supporters argue that appointees with corporate ties can inject a new level of sophistication into the federal bureaucracy and help the economy grow. Trump administration officials said that they will no longer maintain it, saving taxpayers $70,000 by 2020, the daily added.

"Melania Trump bringing and unifying her family under one roof of the White House is a very smart move".

The other aspect of visitor logs is they only cover the White House and other selected government sites.

At the Labor Department, there are at least two former lobbyists appointed by Trump who previously sought to influence agency regulations. He said that Trump's ethics executive order, signed in late January, effectively weakened standards to roughly 4,000 executive branch hires.

Kushner claimed victory - because, Baldwin's Trump explained, Bannon looks absolutely awful in photos - and the president told Bannon to return to hell. I'm sure she said: "'Listen, this is awful stuff.' My father will act in times like that", Eric Trump told the Telegraph.

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