Elizabeth Warren Says Mitch McConnell Won't Even Say Hello To Her

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Matt Rourke AP

According to the Boston Globe's sneak peek at Elizabeth Warren's new book (set for release this week), the MA senator has quite a bone to pick with Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Warren also responded to a question by Reid about her 2020 presidential ambitions, saying she is not thinking about that.

In February, Senate Majority Leader McConnell invoked scarcely used Rule 19, which prohibits the impugning of other Senators during floor debate.

During the debate over Sessions' nomination to the post of attorney general, McConnell, Warren had read out a letter from Coretta Scott King, the wife of the late civil rights activist Martin Luther King jr., who objected to Sessions' record on civil rights.

Two months have passed since, but the relationship between the two have not thawed.

Don Stewart, a spokesperson for Mitch McConnell, said he had no knowledge of the senator ignoring Warren since he had never encountered Warren greeting McConnell.

In an interview published yesterday in the Globe, Warren revealed that she has tried to speak with the man but he ignored her. She had appeared to violate the rule. "I say hello to Mitch every chance I get, and he turns his head".

"I've never witnessed that and have never seen her approach him so I'm afraid I can't be much help", he said. "She was warned. She was given an explanation", he said.

Elizabeth Warren persisted, but she's not over it.

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