Christians in Middle East observe Easter in face of war and conflict

Holy Sepulchre Holy Saturday

Christians in Middle East observe Easter in face of war and conflict

It seems as if we have only just finished celebrating Christmas. In addition, we can have great confidence that the contents of the Gospels weren't changed over time, given the historical "chain of custody" of those who protected the accounts.

In predominantly Orthodox Romania, Patriarch Daniel urged Christians to bring joy to "orphans, the sick, the elderly the poor. and the lonely". This year, all Christians are celebrating the religious holiday on April 16. They gave testimony to how they saw the Lord. Had the tomb been desecrated by the Romans? Jesus will take it from there. This is the moment when Jesus becomes present and teaches them that one does not enter the kingdom without passing through death.

This is the reason why the second man, the last Adam the Lord Jesus had to come; in effect it was God becoming man to undo what the original Adam did.

When He rose, we also rose with Him to the newness of life that is why Jesus Christ told Nicodemus that one can not enter the Kingdom of God unless they be born again (John 3:5).

He called for Catholics to "break down all the walls that keep us locked in our sterile pessimism, in our carefully constructed ivory towers that isolate us from life, in our compulsive need for security and in boundless ambition that can make us compromise the dignity of others". Peter and another disciple raced to investigate.

The greatest mystery is that the greatest event went nearly unnoticed and spread to conquer the known world without drawing a sword, without taking a life, winning an election or starting a campaign. Others were mystified and perplexed and obstinate in their unbelief.

Delivering the message on the occasion, former general secretary Nagaland Baptist Church Council Rev. Zhabu Terhuja asserted that Easter is a celebration of not only Jesus Christ's victory over death, but also of mankind's blessed hope of eternity.

We may live in a world where expressways crash, and where terror stalks the world.

The empty tomb is not seen merely with physical eyes; it has to be viewed with the eyes of Faith.

With candles in the dark, church members walk into their house of worship where the lights that had once been turned off are suddenly glowing bright to represent Christ's triumphant resurrection.

Noonan used his own personal struggle with faith while in college to bring home the point, quipping that the loudest his mother ever yelled was when she came to visit him at school and he didn't know what time Mass at the university was held. Bishop of Lahore Rt Rev Irfan Jamil performed the lead sermon in Easter prayer and Dean of Lahore Cathedral Church of the Resurrection Rev Shahid Miraj conducted special prayers.

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