Cleveland police give update on Steve Stephens manhunt

"If you are out there if you're listening, turn yourself in".

An alleged spotting in Philadelphia earlier Monday afternoon was proven to not be accurate, officials said. One tip came in from as far as Texas, and border security has been put on notice, Williams and Anthony said.

In a video uploaded to Stephens' Facebook page, a man resembling him is seen exiting a vehicle and approaching his victim, who is shown with a gun to his head and then falling to the ground after a shot is fired.

Mr. Stephens' mobile phone last released a signal, or ping, in Erie, Pennsylvania, 165km northeast of Cleveland, authorities told CNN, but Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams said his last confirmed location was the scene of the crime.

Authorities say it's now a nationwide search for 37-year-old Steve Stephens, who's wanted on an aggravated murder charge in the shooting death of a 74-year-old retired man in Cleveland on Sunday.

The approach police are taking in the Steve Stevens case is slightly different than what we've seen in other manhunts in OH and around the country. "I don't think there's anything we can point to specifically to say that this is what sparked this".

Williams, the police chief, said the woman is safe and has been cooperating with investigators during the rapidly expanding manhunt, but he did not give any other details.

Stephens, who has no prior criminal record, is not suspected in any other murders, police said.

Cleveland police have asked the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, and MI to be on alert.

Officers searched dozens of places around Cleveland without finding Stephens or any other victims before expanding the manhunt. "We're not sure, no", Williams said during a morning press conference at city hall.

EPD says they won't be doing anything special.

"We had been in a relationship for several years".

"The amount of computing power that would be needed to review every Facebook video basically create an instantaneous stop to that video being posted would be tremendous, it would be very costly, some of these companies may not even want to invest in that and so that could be a real issue", he said. Ms. Lane said in a statement that she was sorry "that all of this has happened", television station Cleveland19 reported. "Always respectful to me. well-mannered".

Appearing alongside a United States marshal and a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, Williams said investigators have searched dozens of locations, "to no avail", and that one of his detectives had spoken to Stephens via cellphone after the killing.

Stephens worked at Beech Brook, a social services agency in suburban Cleveland that deals with vulnerable young people.

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