McDonald's, Cinnabon, Hooters offer Tax Day freebies

Restaurants Offering Freebies For Tax Day

McDonald's, Cinnabon, Hooters offer Tax Day freebies

Tuesday is the last day to file taxes or request an extension. The IRS says those who haven't completed their tax forms yet, shouldn't panic. Taxes must be filed by midnight. Dunkin Donuts has "treat yo' self" Tax Day freebies and McDonald's has a variety of freebies for you depending on the location. Incorrect details can kick back your return or potentially make you late.

Tax software flags potential errors does the math for you and prompts you for missing information.

Report the sale of your home: When you sell your home, the title company will send you and the IRS a 1099-S form, recording the proceeds from the sale. There are tons more businesses in the Bay Area with special offers.

Cinnabon is offering free Cinnabon bites at select stores.

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