[ April 20, 2017 ] Jeremy Corbyn Promises to 'Overturn Rigged System' Main Story

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has promised to overturn the current tax system "set up by the wealth extractors for the wealth extractors" in his first campaign speech towards the 2017 General Election. "But things can, and they will, change", declared Mr Corbyn.

Brexit has divided both of Britain's main political parties, but Labour is also struggling under Corbyn's leadership, with 172 of his 229 MPs previous year trying unsuccessfully to oust him.

It comes after shadow chancellor John McDonnell said the Government should "put the deal to Parliament and possibly to the country overall" and Corbyn dodged a question on the issue in his first keynote speech of the campaign.

"We will no longer allow those at the top to leach off of those who bust their guts on zero hours contracts or those forced to make sacrifices to pay their mortgage or their rent", he said.

During the speech, Mr. Corbyn repeatedly took aim at what he described as the "establishment" - the elite, the City, tax dodgers and much of the media, who believed that electoral success was only possible if their rules were played by.

"But of course, they don't want us to win".

His ability to reach out and win new supporters also remained in question, while the Liberal Democrats are expected to register a bounce in the election due to their openly pro-EU stand and the promise to hold another referendum on the final Brexit deal with Brussels.

If I were Southern Rail or Philip Green [chairman of Arcadia Group], I'd be anxious about a Labour government'.

"Primarily it is about gaining and retaining tariff free access to the European market", Corbyn said.

"We respect the result of the referendum, but there still has to be an economic relationship with Europe".

Battling to assert control over his own divided Labour Party as well as to convince the country at large, he sought to tap into widespread voter frustration with the political elite.

"It is only Labour that will focus on what kind of country we want to have after Brexit".

Mr Corbyn said the likes of business tycoons Sir Philip Green and Mike Ashley were monopolising money that should be shared by everyone.

"They say I don't play by the rules - their rules". "We have a government that is far too ready to negotiate with very big companies about the level of tax they will pay".

The Conservatives are set to include in their election manifesto May's promises to take Britain out of the single market and cut European Union migration after Brexit, according to the Daily Mail.

He made clear Labour's manifesto would be "fully costed and will be all accounted for and paid for".

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