Augmented reality among new features planned for Facebook

Zuckerberg was speaking at Facebook's annual developer conference on Tuesday about where the business is going, particularly in relation to augmented reality, virtual reality, bots, and new communication methods. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg opened the keynote explaining how the camera on the smartphone is the first mainstream augmented reality platform. At this year's F8, which kicked off yesterday in San Jose, he introduced his company's new platform for achieving that goal via augmented reality (AR): the Camera Effects Platform. Developers can use Frames Studio and AR Studio to create their own designs for the Facebook camera.

Facebook Space is a virtual-reality app which lets you hang out with friends and family who are staying in far away places. Just choose one of your Facebook photos and you'll see an array of options for your VR appearance.

"Developer Circles" is a community-driven programme that's free to join and open to any developer.

Facebook executives however said that the AR technology is still in its early stages and that the journey to the future of AR is just one percent complete.

In this app, everyone is treated as a comic characters or avatars and users can also customize those avatars based on their interest. It also laid out the groundwork for a Facebook that's planning to take on everything from Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) to consumer electronics giants to smartphones.

Registration follows the same rules as a year ago with pre-sign-up to get updates.Facebook has personally invited partners and everyone else who applied during the registration period, had to provide an explanation about why they want to go and why they should be there. At F8 2017, the company announced bot integration in Workplace.

According to TechCrunch, he criticised other apps for keeping their AR tools to themselves. The company claimed that Workplace is being used by 14,000 businesses. Some rivals are building new AR devices, including glasses that project images in front of a user's eyes. The company's AR gaming platform is expected to launch later this year.

For most users, the two will seem the same, but the difference between the two is significant. Developers will now work to create applications that maximise this platform.

Other new Messenger features to connect businesses include QR codes at physical sites to connect to bots, chat extensions for group conversations with business bots and "Smart Replies" for businesses to send automated responses to common questions.

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