China EV start-up Nio to sell mass-production car next year

China EV start-up Nio to sell mass-production car next year

China EV start-up Nio to sell mass-production car next year

It's the second auto to join the company's electric vehicle line-up, with NIO's 1341bhp all-wheel drive EP9 hypercar making its public debut towards the end of past year.

The US$2.8 billion Chinese EV start-up NIO unveiled its China production vehicle ES8 in Shanghai today.

NIO enjoys being back in its home market by attending the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (SIAIE for short?), and presenting its whole family of all-electric vehicles.

Nio announced pre-sales of the EP9 in Shanghai, with a second batch of 10 to follow the initial six - should you have $1.48million to spend.

The full-sized seven-seat SUV has three rows of seats and rides on a wheelbase that is 118 inches long.

The NIO ES8 will be capable of covering 427km (265 miles) on a single charge.

The ES8 has an all-aluminium body and chassis, front and rear motors with electric all-wheel drive, and active air suspension. It is a best-in-class product that showcases what is possible with electric vehicles. It's already on course to hit production, as the company has established facilities for manufacturing. "The vehicle has been tested in Yakeshi in Inner Mongolia, where temperatures can reach -22° Fahrenheit as well as Melbourne and Madura, Australia where temperatures can reach over 104° Fahrenheit".

William Li, NIO's chairman and founder said that the NIO ES8 is another statement of the company's vision and technical and manufacturing capabilities.

Prices and performance details are expected closer to the car's official launch at the end of the year, with NIO estimating deliveries to reach customers "next year". In February 2017, they also set the record for fastest autonomous lap with the EP9 at the Circuit of the Americas.

China had more electric auto sales than Europe and the United States in both 2015 and 2016, a trend unlikely to slow as the government continues to tighten fuel emissions standards.

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