Drive-thru marijuana dispensary opening in Colorado on 4/20

Drive-thru marijuana dispensary opening in Colorado on 4/20

Colorado's first drive-thru pot shop opens on 4/20 (of course) in Parachute

A first of it's kind business is opening today in Colorado.

"You actually drive into the building", Mark Smith, chief executive of Tumbleweed, the company that owns the new store and six other pot shops in the state, said in a phone interview on Wednesday. That same week a for-sale sign went up at the auto wash across the street.

He says the business will have to comply with regulations that apply to every marijuana shop.

The original Tumbleweed dispensary opened in February 2016, situated on the east edge of town near a Wendy's, a Shell station and a liquor store.

Goulding specifically pointed to three rules that regulators made sure the Tumbleweed would follow.

Everyone in the vehicle has to be 21 or older and occupants will have their IDs checked twice - once outside and then again once they pull into the dispensary.

Back in June 2015, the decision to repeal Parachute's ban on marijuana establishments was met with months of controversy, including failed votes to recall town councilors and to repeal the ordinance. He said that marijuana provides the town with the financial resources to move forward with capital projects that would otherwise not be feasible.

Parachute, a town of 1,100 people about 200 miles (320 km) west of Denver, banned recreational pot sales in 2013, the year after the state legalized the drug.

It opens to the public on April 20, also known as 4/20.

National news outlets are expected to cover the grand opening, which will take place from 1 midnight and feature food trucks, live music, radio broadcasts and product giveaways.

The Tumbleweed Express will be open from 4 midnight Thursday through Sunday.

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