Gina Rodriguez to voice Carmen Sandiego for Netflix

We caught her Gumshoes

We caught her Gumshoes

The award-winning star of Jane the Virgin, Gina Rodriguez, is to feature as the voice of global heist queen Carmen Sandiego in a Netflix adaptation of a classic educational videogame. A reboot of the popular animated series from the 1990s is being produced by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt together with Canada's DHX Media. Alongside him, American Author Caroline Fraser and CJ Kettler, executive producer on the 1996 animated series, The Tick, will work on the new series as executive producers.

Each episode of the new Carmen Sandiego is expected to be approximately 22 minutes long on average. The new Carmen Sandiego series will delve into Carmen's past, exploring her origins as she continues her global capers.

"Stranger Things" actor Finn Wolfhard will co-star as Player, Carmen's friend and chief accomplice. Carmen Sandiego will be voiced by Gina Rodriguez, best known for her role on CW's Jane the Virgin. Two additional shows also aired following that one: Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? and Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

The new take presents an intimate look into Carmen's past where viewers will not only follow her escapades but also learn who in the world is Carmen Sandiego and why she became a super thief. The live-action and faceless kid sitting at the computer at the beginning and ending of each episode, remember?

The answer to the puzzling question "where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" appears to be - on Netflix.

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