Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices


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To try out this feature, be sure you have the latest version of the Google Home app. "We're just getting started and we won't be flawless", the statement said. As before, if you ask the $130 Google Home to tell you about your day, it will give you info on your commute and tell you about events on your calendar. "We don't recommend that users rely upon voice identification as a security feature".

Google Home owners will have to teach the hub how to identify their voices by saying "OK Google" and "Hey Google" twice into the device, when prompted.

In a seriously odd series of events, Amazon recently patched Echo devices to work even better with Google Calendar, now allowing you to not only to check your calendar but to add new events to it, too.

Although Google Home impressed us upon an early review, it has struggled to live up to the functionality of the Amazon Echo, which is now further along in its development.

Google Home: Where is multiuser support available?

To set things up, all you have to do is open up your Google home app and look for a card that says "multi-user available" (which will appear once everything's updated). Adding up to six different voices, especially if those voices are part of the same family and sound similar, makes profile authorization increasingly complicated. This allows it to learn different characteristics of each person's voice. Now, up to six people can connect their accounts to one Google Home, and the speaker will recognize each person's voice and respond accordingly. "This comparison takes place only on your device, in a matter of milliseconds".

Though Google has not made any comment on this prospect, there is a possibility that this new feature could be the starting of incorporating some of Google Assistant's features like creating notes, reminders and events that are now missing on Home. This was made known today by Yury Pinsky, Product Manager Google Assistant in a blog post.

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