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The "Buy American Hire American" executive order Trump signed on Tuesday lays down that H-1B visas should be used only to get highly qualified foreign workers and not entry-level employees who take away American jobs.

The MEA spokesperson also said India had already conveyed to the USA about the contribution of Indian IT professionals to the the country's competitiveness and innovation.

The H-1B visas are the most sought after work visas by the Indian nationals and it's the largest group of H-1B recipients annually.

The Economic Times report citing Baglay further said that the cap on the US H-1B visas had remained the same since 2004.

He said India will make an overall assessment of the impact of the changes after the US' internal process relating to the visa programme was over. There are places and many situations where there aren't enough Australian workers; this is where we need to bring in foreign workers on short-term visas.

"Now, it has to be acted upon and as a result of which it could perhaps be expected that there could be a legislation in the US Congress or there could be some other sort of process concerning the H-1B visas", Baglay said.

Commenting on the US H-1B visa issue that has New Delhi anxious over the possible fallout for Indian professionals, India on Thursday said it is "not an immigration issue" but rather "a trade and services issue".

"We will be actively pursuing our proposal in the WTO", she told reporters on Thursday.

"Some (US) Democrat Senators have already indicated in private discussions with the Indian IT industry and officials that they are not in favour of the Bills aimed at tightening H-1B".

"So, it is a situation where it's not just unilateral just Indian companies having too face the U.S. executive order, there are several United States companies in India who are doing business for some years now and therefore I want this whole debate to be. if it has to be expanded, it has to be expanded to include all these aspects and we shall ensure that all these factors are kept in mind". "We have to build on that sentiment", another official said. As such, most of the Indian IT companies depute senior executives to the U.S., and not entry-level and poorly-qualified people.

IT industry body Nasscom is lobbying with US Senators and important office holders against the proposed Bills.

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