In India, Anxiety Over Trump's Review Of H-1B Visas

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H1B a trade and services issue will keep a close watch India

Turnbull said Australia will adopt a new "Australians first" approach to skilled migration.

The order prods the Justice Department and other federal agencies to propose reforms to ensure H-1B visas are awarded to the most-skilled or highest-paid foreign applicant.

At a time when many countries are resorting to protectionism to save local jobs, they are also grappling with a shortage of skills at the higher levels in the IT industry, apex IT body Nasscom's president R Chandrashekhar said here on Thursday. Trump recently signed an executive order to bring about changes in the H1-B visa system which employed high-skilled workers from foreign countries.

The new visa will include a short term two-year stream with a broad list of occupations reduced from the current list of more than 200.

Indian IT companies have been accused of misusing the H-1B visa regime, which they have consistently denied. We have said that our dependence on visas will progressively reduce as our size and scale increases. White House had reportedly said that the current USA visa programme was damaging American workers as it brought in cheap labour and some of the firms were making use of this to hire a large number of workers.

"We see this change as evolutionary and a new policy of the Australian government". Less than a week after the application period opened for 2017 H-1B visas, the annual cap was reached from a pool of 199,000 applications, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services said earlier this month. "He (Trump) is only talking about tighter implementation of the existing policy", said Sid Pai, an expert on the Indian outsourcing industry and former Asia-Pacific head at consultancy ISG. She said: "So, it is a situation where it's not just Indian companies that have to face the U.S. executive order, there are several United States companies in India who are doing business for some years now and therefore I want this whole debate to be. if it has to be expanded, it has to be expanded to include all these aspects and we shall ensure that all these factors are kept in mind". "There will be additional requirements, including a test in English and 2 years of work experience, while salary exemptions will go", said Nasscom, adding it was however working with the Indian and Australian governments on the changes and to ensure they could be implemented without disrupting business continuity and value for Australian customers.

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