Meet AeroMobil's flying car, available for pre-order soon

AeroMobil Flying car

Meet AeroMobil's flying car, available for pre-order soon

But not many companies are looking as seriously at marketing these vehicles anytime soon, Mawby said. The question is bringing it to the market at an affordable cost, and making it a useful product'. There is no control except what exists for traditional aircraft, Mawby noted.

So while vehicles like the AeroMobil could be used for recreational purposes by people who have a large piece of land, flying cars are unlikely to become a mass market reality anytime soon, he says.

The AeroMobil has a driving range of about 62 miles and a top speed of 99 mph.

AeroMobil unveiled the final, commercial design for its flying vehicle at the supercar show Top Marques Monaco on Thursday. When flying, its maximum cruising range is 466 miles. Attempting to take off on a highway, then, isn't the best idea.

The previous AeroMobil 3.0 prototype made news in 2014 when it was presented in Vienna.

AeroMobil said its teardrop-like shaped AeroMobil Flying Car, displayed at the Top Marques Monaco, could switch to flight mode in less than three minutes.

In order to own the flying auto, however, owners must have both a driver's and pilot's license, AeroMobil Chief Communications Officer, Stefan Vadocz, said to Reuters.

AeroMobilA Slovakia-based startup has tossed its hat into the very nascent field of flying cars. There's also the question of which traffic laws cars in the sky would have to abide, as right now there are only laws for airplanes in the sky and cars on the road.

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