Microsoft commits to biannual Windows feature updates

Microsoft commits to biannual Windows feature updates

Microsoft commits to biannual Windows feature updates

"This is consistent with our current Windows 10 approach, but adds further clarity and predictability to organizations by aligning with Office 365 ProPlus", the company said. Of course, you have to also consider the September to March cycle including the December holidays which eats up a few weeks of that cycles available time due to vacations, etc.

The app was apparently released in 2015 and its main task was to keep looking for the updates and tell so to the user if one was available for the particular phone. The company will target September and March for the releases each year.

This new synced release schedule will begin in September 2017, when Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 10 Redstone 3 (or whatever its new name will be by then).

Are you impressed with the new features offered by the Creators Update? Microsoft announced that the they will release 2 major update to Windows 10 every year.

Microsoft's next major Windows 10 update, codenamed as "Redstone 3" is coming soon.

As for how power throttling works, the feature gives Windows 10 users access to powerful multitasking capabilities while significantly enhancing their battery life.

September and March have been designated for the feature update schedule moving forward, which means the next major feature update, which we now know as Redstone 3 and which already has Insider preview builds being pushed out, will come in September 2017. "[That was] essentially a giant middle finger to anyone who dare not "upgrade" to the steaming pile of garbage known as Windows 10". The company not only promised two yearly updates for Windows 10, but also said that the same model would be followed for the Office 365 ProPlus programs.

Furthermore, in the blog post, Microsoft also claims that Windows 10 now runs on more than 400 million active devices per month with the fastest adoption rate ever seen in the history of Windows.

You can expect to hear a lot more on Redstone 3 - and perhaps even future releases - at Microsoft's Build conference next month. It simply disappeared into thin air, taking away with it the only official way for users running on Win 8.1 to upgrade to latest Windows10.

"Most people running Windows like having multiple apps running at the same time - and often, what's running in the background can drain your battery".

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