Odd, red-tinted screen reported by South Korean users

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 launches later this week and now we have a video which shows a speed test between some of the top smartphones available.

The tally compares with preorders for 200,000 units for its predecessor, the Galaxy S7, over a week, and 400,000 for the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 over 13 days. Of note, no previous Samsung smartphone has ever reached 1 million preorders in South Korea.

Samsung already announced that it would be taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus starting April 19 in India, and it looks like Flipkart will be Samsung's exclusive online launch partner.

This means, that if you like Google Assistant more than Samsung's Bixby and don't wish to root your device, you'll be stuck with a button which does nothing for you - better hope Bixby is as efficient too. To recall, Samsung's newest flagship sports only a single camera. The high-profile incident hurt the company's image. However, Samsung does not seem to be phased by this because the company's spokesman told local media that the red tint issue is not associated with the quality of the display.

For your reference, a normal LCD display panel in a smartphone uses three subpixels namely red, green and blue, while Samsung Galaxy S8's OLED panel uses two subpixels which are red-green and blue-green. As we're sure you will recall, Samsung's best smartphone to date was recalled a year ago - twice - after some Note 7 batteries burst into flames, causing injuries and property damage in the process. With the Note7 debacle barely behind it, Samsung needs to deal with this issue swiftly and firmly, so as not to let it affect upcoming sales of the Galaxy S8. The device features various innovative biometric technologies such as a face recognition scanner and a smart voice assistance program named Bixby.

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