President Trump's history with Judge Gonzalo Curiel

Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King of Iowa speaks in Des Moines. King tweeted a toast to the U.S. Border Patrol

President Trump's history with Judge Gonzalo Curiel

The illegal immigrant "Dreamer" who's become a cause celebre for advocacy groups after his deportation earlier this year had actually lost his legal status by leaving the USA without permission, negating his permit under President Obama's deportation amnesty, federal officials said Wednesday. King tweeted a toast to the U.S. Border Patrol on April 18, 2017, following the deportation of a man whose attorneys say is the first known person who qualifies for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to be removed from the country by President Donald Trump.

Montes allegedly left his wallet in a friend's vehicle and was unable to provide proof of his DACA status to officers, according to the complaint.

The DHS said there are records, however, of an encounter the following day, February 19, when Border Patrol agents apprehended Montes as he climbed the border fence in downtown Calexico, which is located 100 miles due east of San Diego. White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Wednesday that he didn't want to "rush to judgment" about Montes and referred questions to Homeland Security. CBP also pointed out the fact, acknowledged even in USA Today's report, that Montes was convicted of theft and sentenced to probation.

Montes, who has lived in the US since age 9, has been granted deportation protections twice under DACA.

"It is a wasteful and senseless use of government resources to deport DREAMERs like Juan Manuel Montes, who have legal permission to live in the United States under DACA". They say there were actually two deportations - one done without explanation, documents or access to attorneys.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said earlier Wednesday that "DACA enrollees are not being targeted" by immigration officials.

Former President Barack ObamaBarack ObamaBruce Springsteen releases anti-Trump protest song 'Can you hear me now?' Trump team voices credible threat of force Dem rep: "Dreamer" shouldn't have been deported MORE first implemented the program, which has grown to 750,000 participants, in June 2012. Since President Donald Trump took office, several other DACA recipients have been detained but not deported, including Daniel Ramirez Medina in Washington and Josue Romero in Texas. He is now in Mexico. "We have to file this lawsuit because we don't know what happened to him", Preciado said.

The lawsuit filed on his behalf on Monday by Los Angeles-based National Immigration Law Center demands that the government turn over key information about his sudden forced departure.

"Just last month Secretary Kelly promised me that no one with DACA would lose this protection unless they violated the terms of DACA". His DACA and work authorization were not set to expire until next year, his lawyers said. But DHS argued the status became invalid when Montes tried to re-enter the country illegally two days after his deportation.

It turns out that Curiel will continue to resolve Trump-related disputes.

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