Prince Harry opens London Marathon Expo at ExCeL

Bekele of Ethiopia celebrates winning the men's competition at the Berlin marathon in Berlin

Prince Harry opens London Marathon Expo at ExCeL

The 32-year-old reflected on his decision to speak openly about the counselling he sought as he visited the London Marathon Expo to officially open the event and meet charity runners.

Dale Lyons is one of just 11 surviving athletes to have run the London Marathon each year since it began in 1981.

The 35-year-old, along with the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, chose to greet the athletes at the royal home today after launching Heads Together last May to help break the stigma of mental illness. But the last 36 years, I have never dropped out.

The royal trio have been intensifying their campaign in the run-up to the London Marathon, which has made their campaign its official charity, and are hoping the thousands of runners who will be pounding the streets of London on Sunday will be wearing their blue Heads Together headbands.

"When you see people running unbelievable races you want to think "wow, I really admire that person", but it's a shame athletes like that are putting a question mark over performances". With cricket that was mentally and physically challenging but not in the same league as running 26.2miles.

In the marathon, running 2.10 and winning would not give you full happiness.

The race gets underway at 10 a.m. local time, 5 a.m. EDT on April 23. London Bridge is expected to be particularly busy from 8am to 8.30am, when a large number of runners will be changing trains at the station to reach the Blackheath start line on time.

Speaking about the death of his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, he told her: 'I still feel, you know, 20 years later about my mother, I still have shock within me - 20 years later'.

"Some days I get very lazy, so she encourages me", Jones said in a phone interview.

Matt Blom, 26, says: "I've seen some of the great work they do, I'm just looking to finish and enjoy the atmosphere". "I'll be nervous that I won't finish".

Nightingale Hammerson's Director of Operations Andrew Leigh and Executive Assistant to the CEO Cathy Buckingham, will be taking part to raise financial support for the charity, which will provide both long and short term residential, nursing and dementia care and services to its residents.

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