Putin-linked think tank planned to sway 2016 US election: Documents

Putin-linked think tank planned to sway 2016 US election: Documents

Putin-linked think tank planned to sway 2016 US election: Documents

Following the election, US intelligence agencies obtained two documents from a think tank controlled by Russian president Vladimir Putin, according to Reuters.

The four former and three current USA officials who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity refused to comment how the U.S. acquired the documents, shortly after the United States elections.

Neither of the Russian institute documents mentioned the release of hacked Democratic Party emails to interfere with the USA election, according to four of the officials.

Putin has repeatedly denied that his government had any hand in trying to determine the US election. "No US president is allowed" say Russian officials.

RISS said the report's effort to prove Russian Federation tampered with the election was far-fetched.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said people should not pay attention to reports based on anonymous sources.

"The president's successor will be decided by the Russian people only during a democratic election and by nobody else", Putin told a Kremlin meeting.

That campaign began after Putin asked the institute to draw up a plan for interfering with the USA presidential race, said one of the sources, a former senior US intelligence official.

Vladimir Putin has sent troops to Russia's border with North Korea, over fears Donald Trump is planning an attack on Pyongyang. "He doesn't plan to attack anyone just for the sake of it", said Kiselyov, who was a cheerleader for state TV's strong anti-American tone under the Obama administration and once said Moscow could turn the U.S. into radioactive ash. Both Russia Today and Sputnik heavily promoted the release of the hacked Democratic Party emails, which often contained embarrassing details.

The Kremlin realises however, those same officials say, that the process will be harder and take longer than originally thought and the result is likely to be more limited in scope. During his speech at the New Economic School in Moscow, Page harshly criticized USA policy toward Russian Federation.

He promised to look into the situation, saying that the deputy head of Russia's Presidential Administration, Sergey Kirienko, will be tasked with resolving the dispute.

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