Rajasthan: Kashmiri students clash with locals after being taunted as 'stone pelters'

Hurriyet forum strongly denounced continued house arrest of its Chairman

Rajasthan: Kashmiri students clash with locals after being taunted as 'stone pelters'

Anxious over the non-stop pro-freedom protests in the Kashmir Valley, New Delhi is now planning to "squeeze out" alleged funding of pro-freedom organisations from Middle East countries, India Today reported on Friday.

Dubbing the incidents as "unfortunate" the Home Minister said he had come to know that Kashmiris were subjected to "misbehaviour" in some places. Even they are part of India.

He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh were taking the issue very seriously.

Singh said on Friday that "states have been told to take strong action against people who misbehave with Kashmiris".

"The attack on Kashmiri students in Rajasthan is not just an isolated incident".

According to reports, a local outfit, Uttar Pradesh Nav Nirman Sena have put up banners across Meerut asking Kashmiris to leave Uttar Pradesh following the recent stone-pelting incidents on security forces in Kashmir. They hurled abuses, called us terrorists and said we throw stones at the army. "The people should understand this reality", he added.

The Kashmiri students and other residing away from their state can call for assistance on a round the clock helpline set by the Ministry of Home Affairs in Delhi at 011-23092923 and 011-23092885.

Six Kashmiri students enrolled at the Mewar University in Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan were allegedly thrashed by locals on Wednesday.

The following month, some Kashmiri students got into a scuffle with another group over India's loss to West Indies in the T20 cricket world cup. Sixteen Kashmiri students and a warden, also from Kashmir, were suspended by the university after the incident.

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