Russia Dispute Over Syria Continues

Mr Trump's comments came at the end of a day of high-level diplomacy in Moscow, after USA secretary of state Rex Tillerson met Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian president Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

It would always be better if the response came from the global community, but as long as Russia, Assad's benefactor and protector, continues to block any direct action at the United Nations Security Council, it falls to the take the lead. "I think it is wonderful they abstained", he said. But they could have.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov blasted USA claims that it has "irrefutable evidence" of election interference.

Russian Federation said the gas was part of rebel stockpiles, which the rebels have denied.

"That's a butcher. That's a butcher".

"I felt we had to do something about it". "What we do know, and we have very firm and high confidence in our conclusions, is that the attack was planned and carried out at the direction of the Syrian leader".

The United States is "not getting along with Russian Federation at all", Trump said at a press conference at the White House.

A Kremlin spokesman said the meeting between President Putin and Secretary Tillerson had been "fairly constructive" and that the two agreed to keep open lines of communication between Washington and Moscow.

But the day before the United Nations vote, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for a United Nations investigation into the incident -- though he blamed the incident on rebels, not Assad. "Putin is the leader of Russian Federation".

Syria's Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said after the vote that his country condemns in the strongest possible terms the use of chemical weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction as a crime against humanity and an unacceptable, immoral and unjustified act under any condition. "They were there. We'll find that out", he said. "It'd be a fantastic thing if we got along with Putin and if we got along with Russian Federation, and that could happen, and it may not happen; it may be just the opposite".

The United States is ready to work towards a diplomatic solution to end the six-year war in Syria, Washington's UN envoy Nikki Haley said on Wedneday.

"One side inevitably would have to make big sacrifices inconsistent with some of its policy interests, but Trump and Vladimir Putin are two.assertive personalities who instinctively preserve their powerful images". We may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with Russian Federation.

After last week's strikes, Ryan said the United States military response was "fully within the President's authority".

Mr Lavrov also disputed the U.S. claim that the Syrian government was behind the chemical attacks on the town of Khan Sheikhoun on April 4th, stating that Russian Federation had "no confirmation" chemical attacks had taken place and was calling for an independent investigation.

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