Russian Investigative Journalist Dies in Hospital after Brutal Beating

Mr Andrushchenko had been involved in making a documentary about Vladimir Putin's rise to power which alleged that an alliance of criminals helped him become president

Russian Investigative Journalist Dies in Hospital after Brutal Beating

73-year old Andrushchenko, has died of his injuries six weeks after being attacked in St. Petersburg, is reported Wednesday April 19, 2017, by Russian media outlets, citing his lawyer and the editor-in-chief of his newspaper, Novy Peterburg.

In November that year he was beaten by unidentified attackers, CPJ said.

His attackers have not been found.

Novy Peterburg's editor-in-chief, Denis Usov, told The Associated Press on Thursday that Andrushchenko had told his colleagues that unknown people had beaten him up before, demanding that he reveal his sources and details of his research. His newspaper also dared to report on the connections.

Mijatovic has said that "journalists in Russian Federation are far too often subject to acts of intimidation, threats, and attacks".

Nikolai Andrushchenko, once a city councilor, became a thorn in the side of local politicians. A co-founder and writer for the weekly Novy Peterburg newspaper, he had numerous run-ins with the local justice system over his reports on local crime and corruption and his coverage of anti-government protests in Russia's second largest city.

Andrushchenko began to express concerns about Putin after he came to power in 2000, writing that the secret services were taking control over Russian Federation.

Andrushchenko's attackers have not been identified and investigators have not released any information about his case.

At the time Mr Andrushchenko's colleagues said they thought his detention was due to Novy Peterburg's critical coverage of local authorities ahead of parliamentary elections.

In 2009 a different court found him guilty of insulting a government official, bringing a 20,000-ruble fine, and handed him a suspended one-year sentence for inciting social discord against employees of the city prosecutor's office.

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