Samsung Galaxy S8 brings more biometric security features than you can handle

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Samsung's Galaxy S8 Gets Jump On Apple iPhone 8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was just recently introduced last week, and it brought the house down. This incorporation would then make the Samsung Galaxy S8 the first ever phone to tap into the said network speed, which is as high as 300 megabits per second, almost 18 times better compared to average speeds posted by T-Mobile and Verizon's recent performance in an OpenSignal test.

Yesterday it was reported that the Samsung Galaxy S8's facial unlock feature was tricked into unlocking using a photo.

Earlier this week, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 series, confirming pretty much every rumor that had been floating around out there.

This is something that can be fixed with software before the phone actually makes it into users' hands, but it's concerning that Samsung allowed a feature this easily fooled to appear at the launch.

So whilst it looks like the facial recognition can be used to unlock your device, it cannot be used for making payments or accessing a secure folder. They urge users to user their fingerprint, iris, or a pin whenever possible.

But in a latest video released by iDeviceHelp, facial recognition may not really be a safe method to log in. In this feature, the camera will take three pictures for creating better and more detailed image. I had my suspicions that Samsung Facial Recognition wouldn't stand up to a simple photo test.

Let us know what you think of the facial recognition revelations in the comments. Princeton Identity, which provides the Galaxy S8's iris scanner technology, told CNBC in an email that it's 100,000 times more resistant to false positives than other forms of biometric security, like facial recognition.

Samsung has showcased its in-house voice-based virtual assistant named Bixby which will debut with the Galaxy S8.

- They will feature the industry's first 10nm processor, enabling heightened speed and efficiency.

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