Skrillex Detained By Police For Playing Music Too Loud

Skrillex Arrest

Watch Skrillex Get Handcuffed for Listening to Music Too Loud in His Car

There were a few rumors surrounding the reasoning behind event, but Skrillex put all of that to rest this morning when he told fans he was pulled over for playing his music too loud.

As local CBS radio reports, Skrillex - who recently reunited with his old post-hardcore band From First To Last - was pulled over in Hollywood on Wednesday night over the volume of his music, before being handcuffed and briefly detained in the back of a cop auto for not having identification on him. Twitter user Colby Lila Kline shared clips of the incident on her page. Skrillex was not arrested and actually ended up DJ'ing for a small group of friends at a house party in LA later that evening.

"Leave it to me to play my music "too loud", he wrote.

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