The 2017 NFL Draft Trade That Makes The Most Sense

The 2017 NFL Draft Trade That Makes The Most Sense

The 2017 NFL Draft Trade That Makes The Most Sense

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch speaks to the media during the 2017 combine at Indiana Convention Center. Beyond then, his deal is easy to get out from under if the Bills choose to do so.

Last month, Chicago already had a workout with Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer. Moving down and accumulating picks would be a logical move for a team with a barren roster looking to acquire as much talent as possible. There was a lot of smoke pointing NY to Floyd with the tenth pick and Pace wasn't going to take that chance on a player he liked a lot slipping away.

This time though, it's different for the savvy Pace. Injuries are never a worthy excuse, but the Bears were undoubtedly in a tough position a year ago.

Realistically, we will likely see Cleveland make trades to move both up and down on draft weekend.

Further, Galko writes that the Bills were one of the teams Trubisky turned to for advice, when deciding whether to declare for the 2017 draft. There are a lot of scenarios in play here with no clear answer until very likely April 27th.

Otherwise, look for the Chicago Bears to either take a quarterback at No. 3 or find a way to trade down for a passer.

Maybe the Carolina Panthers want LSU running back Leonard Fournette and are afraid the Jacksonville Jaguars would take him at No. 4 overall.

"Teams that want to trade back up".

"I think when you look at him and his background, he's a clean prospect in terms of when people are asking around the school about him, he's known as a really good leader". The 49ers have so many needs to fill that trading down and stockpiling picks makes the most sense here. He's got great burst off the snap, strength and athleticism for the position and could turn into a three-down player if he adds weight. I'd imagine his head circles around this thought written on a note in his pocket, paraphrased. Tampa Bay chose cornerback Vernon Hargreaves at No. 11 and traded the No. 106 pick to the Chiefs, who selected cornerback Eric Murray.

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