U.S. relationship expert claims Bill O'Reilly made unwanted advances at meeting

Tonight: Mad Lib Theater With Kevin Spacey

Tonight: Mad Lib Theater With Kevin Spacey

Bill O'Reilly was adamant Wednesday in denying allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him even after Fox News Channel ended an extremely successful relationship with the famous TV host.

Long-time Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly has been dumped by the network amid new revelations about lawsuits and cash settlements involving allegations of sexual harassment of women by O'Reilly.

"We'd like to address questions about Bill O'Reilly's future at Fox News".

"You may not know this, but Bill O'Reilly was the biggest figure in the history of cable news", Noah explained, before launching a clip package of various ways in which O'Reilly argued white people are persecuted.

There was no immediate response from Bill O'Reilly's bosses Wednesday to escalating reports that the Fox News Channel personality will lose his job following accusations he had harassed women. His bluster, confidence and authority made him a signature talent for Fox News when it toppled CNN as the cable news leader in 2002 and kept it on top in the ratings ever since. The network eventually chose to oust O'Reilly, despite the fact that he leads the network's ratings, after "a thorough and careful review of the allegations".

"You need to write and call Fox News Channel today and tell them, you can lose your advertisers or you can lose your viewers", Beck said on his radio show hours before the firing. "We know that you, his very loyal viewers, will have a lot of feelings about this and we will talk more about it later on in the program".

O'Reilly said in an April 1 statement that he had been unfairly targeted because of his public prominence.

"This is what happens when women speak our truth - we can slay dragons", said attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents three of the women who accused O'Reilly, insisting Fox should have fired him years ago.

O'Reilly, 67, has been on a planned vacation since last Wednesday and said on his top-rated prime-time program, "The O'Reilly Factor", that he would be back April 24. He has also had best-sellers with everything from the memoir "A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity" to his most recent work, "Old School", which includes passages urging the respectful treatment of women.

"I'm not sure I see much evidence of that; otherwise, Judy Woodruff would be off the charts", he said, referring to the anchor of "PBS NewsHour".

O'Reilly himself earned about $18 million a year from Fox News, but his show generated almost $450 million in advertising revenue for the company between 2014 and 2016, according to estimates from the market-research firm Kantar Media.

Eyes will now focus on O'Reilly's replacement.

O'Reilly recently signed a new employment contract with Fox, so he likely will be leaving the company with a generous payout.

By the evening, "The O'Reilly Factor" no longer bore his name, simply titled "The Factor".

Henry Holt also has an untitled O'Reilly book scheduled for release in September.

"He insulted me, and within fifteen minutes, said "forget all the career advice I just gave you".

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