UK Labour leader vows to 'overturn rigged system'

All sides are now gearing up for the fourth major election in four years, after last June's shock referendum vote for Brexit, the 2015 general election, and the 2014 Scottish independence vote.

He said the election was fight between the "wealthy ruling Conservatives" versus Labour and the people, adding that he wanted to give preference to the majority's interests.

Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin MP responded: "This is yet more evidence of chaos from Jeremy Corbyn and Labour".

And the Conservative general election manifesto is expected to contain more proposals for Mrs May's flagship policy of more grammar schools for England.

Unofficial electioneering kicked off in the weekly Prime Minister's Questions session in the House of Commons, as May traded barbs with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The SNP stood apart from the other mainstream parties, accusing Ms May of political opportunism in the timing of the vote, but did not actively block it, choosing instead to abstain. Nine Labour MPs opposed the snap election alongside three independents and the SDLP's Alisdair McDonnell.

Corbyn recently said the party was considering a Land Value Tax (LVT) to replace business rates, which caused problems for the government this year when small businesses in London and the South East found they would be hit by sharp increases in tax.

The prime minister highlighted that if a general election was not held now, the United Kingdom risked reaching the peak of its Brexit negotiations with the European Union in the run up to the next scheduled election under the same divided environment and therefore jeopardised "the country's ability to make a success of Brexit".

"Theresa May will insist that this is an election about Brexit".

May also told the BBC that her political opponents were intent on "frustrating the Brexit process" - even after Parliament authorized divorce talks with the EU.

May's Conservatives now hold 330 House of Commons seats and Labour 229.

She has also played up the strength of the British economy, which has so far defied predictions of a slowdown, a key campaign theme that her Conservative Party will use to try to undermine Labour in the election.

Yet if the Labour agenda "sounds so mad that some Tories might be tempted to put their feet up", the Telegraph issues a stark warning: don't. "They are yesterday's rules set by failed corporate elites that we should be consigned to the past".

The Labour leader has faced challenges from within his parliamentary team since he won a landslide victory to take the reins following Ed Miliband's departure, but has remained in charge due to his high level of support among its core membership.

Theresa May has made clear a "weak" Labour leader will be the focus of her campaign.

"Our position hasn't changed and we have laid out our six tests for any Brexit deal", she said.

"On 8 June every vote is going to count".

According to YouGov polling, just 14% of the public believe that Corbyn would make a better prime minister than Theresa May, against 50% who believe May would be better.

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