US House panel to hold hearing on consumer airline issues

CEO Oscar Munoz said yesterday that he takes full responsibility "for making this right", and he promised more details later this month after United finishes a review of its policies on overbooked flights.

On the call, United Airline chief executive Oscar Munoz said he would have "further conversations with customers and related governmental officials" in an upcoming trip to China that had been planned prior to the incident.

But nobody involved in the removal of Dr Dao from Flight 3411 is set to be fired, Mr Munoz insisted on Tuesday.

He had initially said, in an internal email later leaked to journalists, that Dao had been "disruptive and belligerent" and staff were "left with no choice".

United Airlines is set to testify at a U.S. House Transportation Committee after a video emerged of a passenger being violently dragged off an overbooked flight.

It's not yet clear how the April 9 incident with Dao, which Munoz said occurred due to a "system failure across various areas", will affect the company's business, although the airline's stocks have fallen 3%, losing the company $673 million in market value.

To Metrorail I would simply say, borrowing from United Airlines passengers: What are you doing to the poor?

Dao was one of four passengers removed from the sold-out flight to make room for airline crew members.

United Airlines, City Of Chicago Will Keep Evidence Related To Passenger Dragging: Lawyers for Dr. David Dao had asked for a court order last week so that video and records from the flight wouldn't be discarded. Then he noted that the board of United Continental Holdings Inc. has supported him.

Some politicians and consumer advocates have called for a ban on overselling flights. "That's normally a very low booking period", United president Scott Kirby said on the call.

Enthusiasm for the airline's first-quarter financial results, in which United's profits beat analysts' expectations, was tempered by vows to learn from the incident and put the focus back on customers. It is obvious from recent experiences that we need to do a much better job serving our customers, ' Munoz said in a press release Monday.

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