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Record Store Day 2017

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Among the gems in this year's roster are The Johnny Cash Children's Album (back on vinyl after 40-plus years, quantity limited to 3,000), Prince's "Little Red Corvette" and "1999" (a 7" out of print for 32 years, quantity: "5,000), the Ramones '76-'79 Singles Box (quantity: "3,500), live albums from David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, the Grateful Dead, and more-and that doesn't even come close to scratching the surface of the surface. This is the third National Record Store Day event at American Dream Hi Fi.

After the closure of the shops, he started selling records at mobile record fairs at festivals such as Glastonbury, The Secret Garden Party and The Big Chill.

"We get anything from 18-yearolds to 60-year-olds", Baratono said. It's wild how many we have to do!

As well as the return of vinyl, there are also signs of an equally surprising revival of cassettes, but Martin said the trend hadn't reached Record Junkee yet.

RECORD STORE DAY at various stores Saturday (April 22). "We're open early", McStay says. Ronnie talks proudly of how Charlie Harper of pioneering punk band, U.K. Subs, said: "Collapsing Deck Chairs were the best punk band that never made a record".

I've heard that it wasn't always a slam-dunk benefit - the profit margins weren't great, sometime you would get stuck with undersold overstock, and you had no way of predicting what inventory you'd get on a year-to-year basis anyway.

"Come expecting to see the world's tallest rock-and-roll crooner".

Since she appreciated music and loved records at a young age, Jarmon used rock stars and musicians of the Savannah hemisphere to promote her own brand.

Writing this piece for the music industry go-to, we as "the music industry" have an obligation to get out of our bubbles to see what other people are doing.

"It's good to have a Malaysian Record Store Day list of releases". Some cities, including Midwest cities like Lansing, may not get certain releases. "I personally don't think that only because I feel like we're introducing vinyl to a new audience every day".

Look, I know that streaming music is all the rage these days. It does not matter whether it is an album with a cool cover, or a band someone in line recommended to you, the most important thing is to enjoy the process of exploration into physical music. That's right; Goner's dropping a new, used-to-be-secret NOTS record this Saturday.

There are hundreds of exclusive releases for RSD, including a handful of local interest.

Visit Vinyl Dreams at 593 Haight St. or catch Mike Bee spin this Friday [4/21] at Dance Jam in Berkeley, early Saturday [4/22] at the As You Like It Picnic in Golden Gate Park, and Friday [04/28] at his regular monthly at Muka. The revelation of "17-11-70" (which was issued in the US with Americanized date nomenclature as "11-17-70") was what an electrifying live performer John was. "[It] has our friend Julien Baker on there".

Among the vinyl releases fans can buy at the retail store event, are these new Record Store Day exclusives: On the heels of her triumphant USA debut on the celebrated Chronology tour, Jah9 teams with dub master Mad Professor on; Mad Professor Meets Jah9 - In The Midst Of The Storm, a limited press, colored vinyl album with nine new dub versions on the music from "9" the critically acclaimed album from reggae revivalist Jah9.

The Record Lounge 11 a.m. -6 p.m.

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