Wisconsin company that hosted Trump has hired foreign workers with H-1Bs

Wisconsin company that hosted Trump has hired foreign workers with H-1Bs

Wisconsin company that hosted Trump has hired foreign workers with H-1Bs

-Canada dispute over milk, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Canada had begun imposing import taxes on USA ultra-filtered milk.

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to review a temporary visa programme used to place foreign workers in high-skilled United States jobs.

In all, the H-1B workers represent almost four times the number of workers who received H-2B visas in Maryland, a program arguably better known in the state because it is used to hire foreigners for crab-picking and oyster-shucking on the Eastern Shore.

Trump said that his administration is going to enforce "Hire American" rules that are created to protect jobs and wages of workers in the United States.

Trump reiterated those same themes Tuesday in Kenosha, Wis., where he signed the order.

Tech advocacy group FWD.US said the announcement should improve the visa system for highly-skilled workers.

"This will stop", Trump told an enthusiastic audience in Wisconsin before signing the executive order. Trump now has only a 41 percent approval rating in the state. Trump is keeping a campaign promise, and, after a week of flip-flops on the Export-Import Bank and China's alleged currency manipulation, sending a message to his supporters in places such as Wisconsin that he hasn't forgotten them.

But Trump returned to Tuesday to the economic tough talk of his campaign, saying: "We're going to make some very big changes or we are going to get rid of NAFTA for once and for all", referring to the Clinton-era USA trade pact with Canada and Mexico. He said it undercuts American workers by importing legions of foreign workers who make less pay, driving down wages.

Many in the US tech industry view the move as aimed not at Silicon Valley firms, but at large technology outsourcing and consulting companies such as Infosys Ltd. and Wipro Ltd., several of which are headquartered in India but whose USA offices are among the heaviest users of the H1-B program. A labor condition application is the first step an employer must take to sponsor a foreign worker for an H-1B visa, which allows foreigners to work in the USA for up to six years.

"Right now, H-1B visas are awarded at a totally random lottery". Tammy Baldwin that would increase requirements to use American-made products in certain construction projects. The commerce secretary is to review how to close loopholes in existing rules and provide recommendations to the president within 220 days. To this effect, the order directs four federal agencies to come up with reforms for the H-1B program. The visit also would take him to the congressional district of House Speaker Paul Ryan, who won't be joining the president because he's on a bipartisan congressional trip visiting North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries. The president was greeted by Gov. Scott Walker outside Snap-on's headquarters.

"It would be a mistake to close the door on high-skilled workers from around the world who can contribute to American businesses' growth and expansion and make the US more competitive around the world".

But some analysts note that Trump has already retreated from some earlier vows to toughen America's trade policies and say they suspect that the Buy American order might not amount to much.

Canada changed its policy on pricing domestic milk to cover more dairy ingredients, leading to lower prices for Canadian products including ultra-filtered milk that compete with the US product. Nucor and U.S. Steel both welcomed the president's executive order.

Baldwin said Wednesday she hopes Trump will pressure Republican congressional leaders to take action on the bill.

But they are confident that greater "engagement" with the Trump administration will help soften their stance towards H-1B visas.

Trump has long pledged to support American goods and workers, but his own business record is mixed.

"But it also means employers can be at risk if they're not reviewing how competitive the salaries are for their foreign workers", she added.

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